The Finalists | 2015 Wedding Photography Contest



I am excited to announce our finalists for our 2015 Wedding Photography Giveaway!

It's always so great to read the stories from all of the deserving couples that entered our contest, and its always so hard to narrow the entries down to three couples...

To all those that entered, thank you so much for sharing your stories with us!

On to our Finalists:

Jessica and Trevor


It was early in Jessica’s freshman year at USC that her attention was captured by a tall, quiet young man she passed in the halls of the computer science building every day...

They didn’t share any classes together, she didn’t even know his name, but something about his kind brown eyes and quiet demeanor made her want to say hi. It could have been one of the many moments in life where we feel a pull towards another human being and we just let it pass by, but Jessica had the opportunity day after day as they passed in the hall and so finally, still too shy to say hi to a stranger, she decided to write him a note and slip it to him as she went by. If he was involved with someone else or wasn’t interested she had at least made the attempt. As it turned out,she would soon learn the quiet young man’s name was Trevor, he wasn’t involved with anyone else and he definitely was interested. He called that night and they talked for hours. During the course of the conversation Jessica,a huge animal lover, shared her plans to visit Project Pet a local rescue organization,for their freshman community service project and Trevor agreed to join her since he had his community service project to complete as well.

Through visits to Project Pet and long talks their friendship and eventually relationship grew and along with their commitment to each other and their school work they also continued to be committed to helping homeless animals find a safe and forever home.  Eventually they worked with an organization called Homeward Bound and over the course of one year fostered 12 dogs until they were able to find permanent homes.  It was while fostering their 13th dog, an older, soft eyed, fearful beagle they called Annie, that they began to talk of forever plans.  Adopting Annie was step number one, and as they graduated USC, Trevor began his first job and Jessica worked two part time jobs and pursued her masters.

On December 5th, the day before Jessica’s 25th birthday Trevor and Annie proposed, just the three of them in their tiny apartment, in the same quiet and unassuming way they continue to live their lives and in September of 2015 they hope to make it official.  Although they do not have the ability to finance a large wedding Jessica and Trevor plan to create a fun and intimate celebration for their close family and friends with a DIY non traditional wedding.

Lori and Alan

Lori and Alan
Lori and Alan

We have known each other for over 30yrs, went to high school together, even hung out with mutual friends ! ! Well years later we started working together at a and had a blast just hanging out! He wasn't my type nor I his , so we joked,hung out and even tried setting each other up with other people! But then my best friend made a move  on him and I saw red, made a move of my own and WOW!!!  Best thing I ever did! We have been together 6 years this month, January 13, and he bought me a beautiful ring for anniversary!

My fiance Alan. Has never been married and he is 46/yrs old! I know he is the perfect man for me and I want to give him my heart and soul forever and we can't afford very much on a hairstylist salary and truck driver, it took us several years to save for a ring! We have lots of wonderful friends that we have helped in so many ways willing to help with reception , the venue we want should be inexpensive since it's a federal reserve , so the only thing lacking is our inability to afford beautiful pictures to capture the moment! We would be so blessed if we won this! Thank you for considering us and for the possibility of perfection!

I think Alan and I are the perfect candidates BC we have ALWAYS went above and beyond for anyone who needed a helping hand , from.letting them stay with us to feeding them , I have even provided clothing and supplies for school age children and make sure they are warm.and dry. We won't be able to afford a fancy ceremony In a ritzy place but no two other people could be richer than us for we have a love that is unsurpassed! I never thought that I could have found a love like this at my age.

Lindsey and Sam

Lindsey and Sam
Lindsey and Sam

We recently got engaged (December 18th) and I would love to win a wedding photography package. My fiancé, Sam and myself met 6 years ago and have survived long distance, short distances and now the the has finally moved back to Marietta we are able to start our lives together. We were introduced by a friend of mine, who is now married to Sam's cousin. A few months after we met, Sam took a job in Virginia Beach, VA and moved away for almost 2 years. He then moved back but his job kept him in Athens, which was 2 hours away from me. He has now bought a house in Marietta and this is where we plan to start our life. It has been a long 6 years, but now that our time is here, I want it to be perfect!


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