2014 Wedding Photography Contest | Finalists



I'm excited to announce, after having a real hard time choosing, our finalists for our 2014 Wedding Photography Giveaway!

There were so many deserving couples that it was truly hard to narrow down to just three couples...

To all those that entered, thank you so much for sharing your stories with us!

On to our Finalists:

Danielle and Daniel

2014 Wedding Photography Contest Finalist
2014 Wedding Photography Contest Finalist

As recent graduating students within the forestry profession, money has never been our objective while pursuing our career. We have both chosen a path of environmental and societal benefits, a path of passion. Our wedding will be located in Athens, Ga, where our love story blossomed, in front of a small barn in the middle of Fall. Athens- the beginning of us; a barn- a humble, rustic venue that best represents our personality; fall- the season of change, perfect for transitioning us into husband and wife.

A wedding package from Concept-A would help us capture the essence of what we have discovered together but were unable to put into words: the meeting of fate through a lumberjack contest; the sharing of a love for the outdoors and our pets; testing our love with long summers of separation and returning to school to grow independently, yet together and more inseparable over time. Being in the same career field with limited job offers has made it difficult to find full-time positions within the same area. Consequently, after much discussion and consideration, Daniel has accepted a great full-time opportunity in Brunswick, Georgia, leaving us with one income to live off of, one income to start paying back college student loans accumulated over the last 5 years and one income to start saving for our future permanent home, as well as our dream wedding in November.

Winston Churchill stated “you make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.” We choose to give passion, to give back to our school and communities, to give to our profession, and to give to love. A picture says a thousand words, and a wedding package from Concept-A would depict a love story more unique than any other. This package would greatly help us by providing us with memories frozen in time for us to look back upon when we’re older; memories to remind us of our undying love during times of hardship; and help display our fairytale love story for all to see.

Rokesha and Edward

2014 Wedding Photography Contest Finalist
2014 Wedding Photography Contest Finalist

Rokesha and Edward met through a mutual friend 2008. Rokesha was at one of her friends house when Edward came over to the gathering. They both must have felt a connection because later that night Edward asked the mutual friend about Rokesha. The mutual friend told Rokesha about Edward asking about her and she told her friend to give Edward her number. They communicated for years and became good friends. They ending up losing communication and later saw each other out. They exchanged number and set their first date with each other in April of 2011 by May 2011 they called it official. Later that year Edward loss his mother to her fight with Sickle Cell. Rokesha knew he was the one for her the way he took care of his mother and grandmother with some much loving care. Edward helped his mother and his grandmother who has been sick for many years, he continues to care for his grandmother, take care his own family.

Rokesha has two kids who Edward has took in like they're his kids. She works as a Medical Coder at the local hospital in Charleston, SC. She is hard working and tries hard to keep her family together by paving the foundation to a better life for them. She's the force behind her family love one another unconditional and even though they may not have everything they want they are happy and thankful for what they have together.They got engaged on February 2013 in Myrtle Beach,SC and have been trying to save for their big day but wasn't able to so they are paying for their wedding with the help of some family members. I think this would be a great blessing to them to help with some of the stress with coming up with the money to make there union as one.

Betsy and Michael

2014 Wedding Photography Contest Finalist
2014 Wedding Photography Contest Finalist

We met at church, funny thing is he was the guy who happened to arrive at the same time as me that first day I came and held the door open for me. We eventually ran into each other again and begin discussing our favorite thing, music and then on we become best friends. He, shall you say, courted me and then it started getting serious. But I wanted to make sure he was the right person for me so we dated and he actually flew me out with him to meet his parents. After I saw him around his family and how much he loved them, I knew he was the guy for me. We recently got engaged in November 2013. I was returning from a business trip, (flew home to ATL airport) I knew I was going to have to ride the Marta because he was at work and couldn't come pick me up. I was ascending up the escalator at the airport to baggage claim and when I got to the top of the stairs - I saw these huge signs held by my family and best friends that said - BETSY WILL YOU MARRY ME? I walked over and immediately said yes even before he asked. It was definitely a surprise!

We incredibly tight on budget I'm still in college and both of our families can barely afford to help us with our expenses so we are definitely pinching our pennies and DIY projects.

This will sound cheesy, but it's true of Michael. He is the kindest person I've ever meet and it's hard to believe he even exist so lovely. He has taught me how to be a more patient person and to always have an open mind and to how to consider others. I feel like Michael deserves beautiful memories of our wedding. He has been through a lot of pain and sadness in his past relationships.

It would be an honor to have our smiles and smiles of our loved ones captured by Concept-A.


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